About Us

Trinity UAS have been developing flight control software and tiltrotor airframes for over 5 years. The pursuit of VTOL capability with Fixed Wing performance has consumed us for years. To provide the tiltrotor UAS operator with  capability, flexibility, reliability has been a challenging road.


The initial development of our VTOL software focused fully on the stability and control of the tiltrotor. Our first aircraft “Tiltrotor 1” functioned as the ideal prototype to understand fundamental tiltrotor stability and control. A flexible airframe for design changes, and challenging configuration to fully understand and optimize the required flying characteristics.

Much more than an airframe was required to develop the required stability an control. Our engineering backgrounds and years of flight testing experience produced new learning tools and methods that greatly contributed to our understanding and knowledge of VTOL challenges.

Development of the Photuris airframe and custom flight control software was incredibly challenging. Endless compromises are both planned and discovered during the design process. In a short amount of time we have successfully achieved an amazing blend of fixed wing and multi-copter capabilities into our own custom tiltrotor software. We are some of the few people in the world with our own completely autonomous tiltrotor. Our addiction and drive has only increased over the years. Trinity UAS has many great discoveries to make and capabilities left to accomplish.