The Trinity UAS, LLC’s Photuris is one of the world’s most advanced autonomous tiltrotors, and is the result of 5 years of research, development, and testing.  Capable of fully autonomous flight and innovative failsafe recovery modes, it offers the user unprecedented mission planning functionality while offering vertical takeoff/landing capabilities with the endurance of a fixed wing aircraft.  The integration of advanced low-level flight control modules allows the vehicle to operate at all thrust vector angles between VTOL and Airplane Mode, which permits 3D navigation guidance throughout the entire flight.   These control modules also allowed the introduction of specialized departure and approach modes that permit low altitude thrust vector transitions and conversions.  As a result, the vehicle’s time in VTOL mode is minimized (high power consumption), and Airplane Mode flight time is extended.

Photuris will be available for purchase soon. For inquiries please go directly to the contact page


  • Autonomous capabilities:
    -3D mission planning flexibility with full-time aircraft navigation guidance
    -Departures from hover and transition to airplane mode
    -Airplane mode mission waypoint flight plans
    -Approach to hover from airplane mode using hybrid mode guidance    algorithms
  • Robust flight control and solid stability in high wind scenarios
  • Fixed-Wing efficiency with Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Capability
  • Over 1 hour of flight time with reserve
  • Sensor / Payload Security
  •  Custom Ground Station for 3D Tiltrotor Mission Planning with point-and-click navigation features
  • Specialized Tiltrotor “Return to Home” logic that provides the user with multiple and adaptable means to recover the aircraft
  • Advanced failsafe recovery flight modes that allow simple manual control of the aircraft in Plane/Hybrid/VTOL modes

Demonstration Video